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Summer is almost over. School will be starting back up and vacations are coming to a close. The swim suits and sun block will be put up soon and it will not be long before we are breaking out the sweaters and jackets.

This also means that our summer series is going to be ending soon. However, fall will take us into a new series together and I look forward to sharing more about that later.

FaithPoint Men: We will resume our book discussion time on August 2. We will be discussing chapter 2 of Multiply. If you have not already done so, please watch the videos that accompany the first two chapters. You can watch them on the Multiply app. If you do not have the app, you can watch them on the book’s website.

This coming Sunday, you are sure to have a blast as Pastor James preaches the next sermon in our Heroes series. He will be using Batman as the illustration.

Here are the notes from the sermon Sunday:

The text for this sermon is Ezekiel 16:22-34. The title of this sermon is: False gods.


Thor was worshipped as a god, long before Marvel made him an Avenger.

Thor comes from the time of the Roman Empire. The Roman gods were named after planets. Greek culture mixed with Roman culture as the Roman Empire spread across the known world. The Roman Empire eventually mixed with German culture. It is believed that Thor is a version of the half human/half god Hercules.

Thor is a hammer wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, strength, the protection of mankind, healing, and fertility.  His mountain crushing hammer Mjolnir is his only weapon.

Because Thor can be found at the earliest cross of Greek and Roman cultures, Thor was likely one of the gods worshipped in Athens when Paul was there. Thor has been documented as one of the gods worshipped at the time of the reign of Gaius. Gaius was in power at the same time that Paul wrote Romans and his books to the Corinthians.

Acts 17:16-17, 22

German influence into the Greco/Roman culture originally named Thursday – Thorsday. The English changed Thorsday to Thursday.

When Christians begin to evangelize in Scandinavia, the people would wear emblems of Thor’s hammer in defiance to the gospel.

What began in the first century has lasted over 2000 years into 2015.

Is there any wonder to the reason why 1500 years before Jesus was born, we have Exodus 20:4-6?

Thor is a false god, worshipped by people for more than 2000 years. This means that Thor is an idol.

John Calvin said, “The human heart is a perpetual factory of idols.”

A perpetual factory. This is horrific. It is sad and true. Your heart because it seeks to deceive you, makes you long for and worship anything other than Jesus. When you are done with one thing, you move on to the next or you worship at the altar of more than one idol at the same time.

  • That thing that you desire more than Jesus – idol
  • That thing you are more passionate about than Jesus – idol
  • That thing that you find more pleasurable or enjoyable than Jesus – idol
  • That thing that you believe that you find significance and identity instead of Jesus – idol
  • Anything that you find satisfaction in more than Jesus – idol

This is not new. Ezekiel wrote about this.

Ezekiel 16:23-34

How do we stop the idol factory?

Romans 8:8-17

Jesus buys the idol factory and replaces the machine that produces idols. He puts in a brand new machine that produces love, grace, holiness, obedience – conforming us to His image.

Every sin is an action created by a thought that was first generated by your heart

The idol factory must be stopped! You have to put sin to death.

Jesus gets all glory!

Jesus gets all of our worship!

Jesus is our desire!

Jesus is who we are passionate about!

Jesus is our enjoyment!

Jesus gives us significance and identity!

Jesus is our satisfaction!

Jesus is our living bread and water. Being truly satisfied by Jesus means that you will not need to search out other things to try and be satisfied.

Only Jesus can satisfy you!

Only Jesus can change your heart!

Let Jesus transform your mind, your affections, your emotions, your whole life!

He wants more than for you to just have eternal life.

He wants all of you!

I Love My Church!

Pastor Jimmy

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