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Yesterday was absolutely amazing! We had a wonderful time together as a church family. We got to celebrate baptism, a step of faith that a person takes to let people know that they have truly decided to follow Jesus. Thank you to everyone who brought breakfast items for our time of fellowship.

FaithPoint Men, we will meet Sunday morning at 9:00 am to discuss chapter 3 of our book. You can use the app or go to the book’s website to watch the video that goes along with this chapter.

Our current series is about Living on Purpose. I am praying that God does great things in our FaithPoint family. I look forward to hearing your stories of what God is doing in your life.

Here are the notes from Sunday’s sermon:

The text for this sermon is found in: Psalms 90:1-12. The title for this series is called: Living on Purpose. This is week one of our series. The title of this sermon is:

The average American over the age of 2 according to the Nielsen ratings company watches on average 34 hours of TV a week. In a year, that is 1,768 hours of TV that is watched. Let’s compare that to Christians. The average American Christian watches 34 hours of TV per week and hears less than one hour of Bible centered preaching. That’s if you go to church every Sunday. If you go to church every Sunday, 52 hours of Bible preaching in a year does not compare to 1,768 hours of TV.

And people wonder why there is so much brokenness and wrongdoing in our country now…

Kristi and I were at a conference the past few days. We turned on the TV as we were getting ready to go to breakfast. One of the local news channels are showing people protesting the Georgia Aquarium. They are protesting the Aquarium because they were getting a new whale. That whale does not care where it lives. As long as it has food and water, the whale does not care.

Same thing with the lion. The lion didn’t know that it was supposedly famous or what its name was. All the lion knows is that it is a lion.

Read the Bible. Animals are given to us for clothing, food, to work for us and for our enjoyment. When you take an animal outside of the reason for why it is created and you make an idol out of it.

There are more serious things going on in Atlanta and our state than a whale.

But…people need a cause.

When you remove God from school, the home, and the public arena, and then you tell people that they have no purpose, that they are a byproduct of chance then they have no sense of identity. So, you create a cause for people to attach themselves to. Then they give their life to a cause. It is such a waste to see people wasting their lives.

However, if God is the author of life, than He is the one who gives you your identity. You were created on purpose, given a purpose, for His purpose.

If you could look at your life in the number of days that you live, how many days did you live intentionally and how many days have you wasted?

Let’s say that you die. Jesus takes you in and you are seated around a table with people you have only heard about. Moses tells you the story of when the Israelites come to the Red Sea. They are whining and complaining. The Egyptians are hot on the trail with their horses and chariots and Moses says that he lifted up the staff and God allowed the Israelites to cross the Red Sea on dry land. John tells you what it was like to share the gospel and then be captured and boiled alive in a vat of oil only to not die and because of his faith was exiled to an island. David tells you about the time he stood before Goliath, swung a stone at the giant’s forehead and watched the giant faceplant into the ground. He runs over to the giant, takes the giant’s sword and cuts off his head with his own sword. Then Moses looks at you. “Tell us your story.”

What will you say?

Psalm 90:1-12

Yesterday does not exist. Tomorrow is not promised to you. All you have is today.


What can you do differently today than you did yesterday?

How can you make today better than yesterday?



Pastor Jimmy

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