What I Like About Periscope

unnamedPeriscope is a new social network. It allows you to livestream whatever you would like right from your phone or tablet.

The people that I follow, have taught me a lot about teaching on video.

For those of you that asked for video teachings and blogs, I am going to be using Periscope for that. I still have some things to learn because teaching on video is different than standing in front of a group of people. It is also different than doing group video discussions such as Google Hangouts.

Here is: What I Like About Periscope

  • Instant feedback – people are allowed to ask questions or make comments instantly. The broadcaster has the ability to make comments or answer questions as they are asked.
  • Hearts – Tapping on your screen gives hearts to the broadcaster. It is virtual affirmation. It is like hand claps, fist bumps, or high fives. It means that you enjoy what the broadcaster has to say. The more hearts they have, the more influence Periscope believes they have.
  • Replay – If you miss the initial broadcast of a person that you follow, the replay will stay in your timeline for 24 hours. After that, it is gone. You cannot make comments while watching a replay, but you can still give hearts.
  • The Community – The people on Periscope are awesome. I enjoy the engagement and you feel that you get to know the broadcasters as you continue to watch them and engage them with comments or give them shout-outs on your own broadcast.
  • It can only get better – I think that live video is here to stay. I believe that it is a game changer and it is going to change how people learn, teach, communicate and interact.
  • Twitter – Periscope is owned by Twitter. If a broadcaster’s live broadcast is too full (meaning you are unable to comment) you can click on share broadcast. Pick Twitter. Erase what is in the box. Add the broadcaster’s Twitter handle and whatever you want to say and it automatically sends the broadcaster a tweet.

More video teachings are on the way. As I learn, I will use what I learn to make the video teachings better.

Here is my newest one: I hope you enjoy it.