Productivity Apps

Are you a task oriented person? Do you organize the flow of your day into a checklist that you need to have near you so that you can check off the things that you accomplish?

I would like to share with you the task manager system that I use. It is called Todoist.

I have not been using Todoist that long but it has quickly become my task manager app for everything. Todoist makes scheduling tasks easy. Assigning days and times are no problem. You can also drag tasks up and down to put them in the order of most importance.

If you need to assign a specific task a priority, you can do so by marking the task a priority. Todoist allows you to assign priorities to certain tasks based on their level of importance. The most important task becomes priority 1 and is given a red color.

You can also make projects in Todoist and communicate and share with your team. This excites me because I believe that this is something that I could really see being beneficial among my team.

You may need to set tasks inside of tasks. Todoist makes it easy to do. You choose one of your tasks and then set a task as a sub task within that task.

You never have to forget when a task is due. Todoist will send you text, email, or push notifications. Any task that is set to a specific day and time will automatically remind you 30 minutes ahead of time. You can turn this feature on in your settings.

Todoist is the first app that after using for a time, I am actually considering purchasing the premium version. It is not expensive, it is around $29.

Todoist makes it possible to sync with Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and other apps. You can also upload files straight from your email, Google Drive, or Dropbox straight into Todoist.

Todoist makes it fun and challenging to accomplish tasks. I really enjoy it.

I think you will to if you give it a try.

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