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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint,

I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me and Kristi how you have prayed for us, loved on us, brought us food and served us these past couple weeks since my dad passed away.

We have had to make some adjustments during this time and I believe now, the blog posts and videos will be back on a normal schedule.

Here are some announcements for you:

  • There will be a potluck dinner at my house during our Wednesday gathering. Bring a food item and come enjoy some fellowship and discussion time.
  • FaithPoint Men, we will meet at McDonald’s next Sunday to discuss the next part of our book.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is 1 Kings 18. The title of this sermon is: Fire Fall Down Prayers. This is week 4 in our DNA series.

One of my new favorite shows on Netflix is: The Vanilla Ice Project.

Vanilla Ice has been flipping houses for over 20 years. He looks for a property, makes it look incredible and then puts the house on the market for potential buyers.

There is huge spiritual application here.

You are the house. Jesus bought you with His blood. The main difference is that Vanilla Ice goes into the house, assesses the damage and then fixes the house before somebody moves in. The Holy Spirit moves in when the house is a wreck. He doesn’t make changes before he moves in. He moves in and then picks a room and starts work there.

The house that the Holy Spirit lives in, has already been paid for by Jesus. The Holy Spirit has to get rid of the garbage, tear down what doesn’t belong. He goes in, does some construction, landscaping, fabrication and works until you are conformed to the image of Jesus.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about three disciplines that should be evident in the life of a Christian.

  • When you give – verse 2
  • When you pray – verse 5
  • When you fast – verse 16

All three are necessary for becoming more like Jesus.

There is a difference between giving and being generous. We are called to be cheerful and generous.

Fasting is not difficult. Fasting is easier than you might expect. Most people have gone without a meal before. If you are sick, you might go without food for a few days….and it doesn’t kill you.

Most Christians can come up with excuses in their minds for why they are not generous or why they are not fasting. What is in their mind was put there by what is already in their heart.

However, if you are not generous or fasting it could be because your prayer life is less than effectual and less than fervent.

James 5:16-17

Our prayer life is the meter by which we can measure when things in our lives are off. When things are not clicking, it is usually because our prayer life is dry.

This is not saying that God doesn’t answer your prayers, you might see sprouts of answered prayers here and there and your prayer life is good for awhile and then it becomes a desert again.

We know we are to pray for our food, and we pray with our kids before bedtime. What about the rest of our life?

We need some audacious, fire fall down prayers.

Since James mentions Elijah here, let’s take a look at a passage about Elijah.

1 Kings 18:17-40

vs 17- 19 Elijah called out the king and not just the king, he calls out all the prophets of Baal and Asherah.

vs 20-21 The stage is set for this confrontation.

Elijah rebuked the people.

vs 22-26 The rules are put in place.

vs 27-29 Elijah calls out their god. The people become distraught.

There is no answer. Nothing happens.

How do you think these people feel? The god that they have given their life to is non-existent.

Then it is Elijah’s turn.

Now look at the risk that Elijah is taking: If God does not show up:

  • He loses respect as a prophet
  • The people would not know who is telling the truth
  • Elijah would look like a bumbling prophet
  • They might think that he had lost his mind

If you have a problem where you can control the outcome, that is not something that needs prayer.

Elijah knows there is no way possible that he can do anything about the situation. He can’t call fire down from heaven without God’s help.

Elijah builds the altar anyway.

He calls for water. 12 jars of water were poured on the bull, the wood, the stones and filled the trench that was dug around the altar.

He prays.

God sends fire down and the fire consumes everything.

We need more fire fall down prayers.

We need to pray more prayers that calls for God’s intervention. We need God to work miracles in the middle of our mess.

Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still.

Elijah prayed and God sent fire down.

Elijah prayed but he still built the altar.

Praying does not excuse you from continuing to walk in faith.

Pray but you have to act or take the next step believing that God heard your prayer and is going to answer your prayer.

Be bold in your prayers.

Be confident in God.

Pray effectively.

Pray fervently.
Your Heavenly Father wants to answer your prayers.



Pastor Jimmy

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