Headed Into 2016


We are headed into a new year. It is hard to believe that 2015 is over. If you have joined me for the journey this year, I want to say, “Thank You.”

The train is in the station.

We used the train as a metaphor for our journey this past year. Well, the train is about to leave the station. Beginning tomorrow a new journey begins.

Will you join me?

My goal is to help you grow as a Christian. I want you to be the disciple that Jesus created you to be. That means living out your purpose and fulfilling your calling. That would be living in the zone known as your sweet spot. Your sweet spot is the place where you click. It is where you thrive in living out your calling and purpose. This does not mean that it is easy or that you will never have problems or setbacks. It does mean that no matter what knuckle ball that life throws at you, it will never steal your joy.

The purpose of joining me on this journey is this: At the end of December 2016, you should be closer to Christ than you were at the end of 2015. There should be for you a noticeable change in your relationship with Jesus. You should notice at the end of 2016, a level of maturity and obedience that was not there before.

We can all grow in our sanctification. We all have room to mature and become more obedient.

There are no perfect people on this journey.

Here is what you can expect along the journey:

  • Blogs
  • Periscope videos
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Sermon notes
  • Book Reviews
  • Parenting and Marriage Life

This blog is home base for the journey.

If you would like to join this journey with me, you can follow on my other social media platforms. You can connect at:





The thing that you need to be made aware of is that Periscope only keeps the broadcast for 24 hours. After that, it is gone…forever. However, there is a way to keep up with those broadcasts. I do have a Katch account which “catches” all of my Periscope broadcasts and keeps them. You will also be able to see most Periscope broadcasts on this blog.

I look forward to our interactions.

I am praying for you as we begin our journey.

I look forward to seeing what 2016 has for us.

Pastor Jimmy

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