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I hope that you are having a great week. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our Wednesday gathering.

Here are some announcements to keep you up to date:

  • FaithPoint Men, we will continue our discussion on the 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell this Sunday at BK. I look forward to seeing you at 9:00. John Maxwell came up with the phrase, “Leaders are readers.” I hope that you join us this Sunday.
  • The FaithPoint Women’s Bible study will resume on January 31.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is Genesis 41. The title of this sermon is: What to do While You Wait. This sermon is part of our Genesis series.

Waiting. No one wakes up in the morning and decides that they would like to wait. You wait for your coffee in the morning. You wait in traffic. You wait to buy tickets to an event and then you wait in line to get into the event.  You wait in line at Starbucks. You wait in line at the grocery store, the movie theater, the book store, shoe store, hardware store, and most other places. If you go out to dinner, you will most likely wait for someone to call your name.

The NY Times reported that collectively, Americans will spend 37 billion hours a year waiting. Google reports that the average person spends three years of their life waiting.

Some people listen to podcasts or sermons. Some people read books. Some people catch up on email or make phone calls while they wait.

What do you do while you are waiting?

Genesis 41:1-44 vs 1 – 8 Joseph has been in prison for about two years. The cupbearer failed to keep his promise and it appears that Joseph has been forgotten.

Pharaoh has had a dream. It disturbs him enough that it wakes him up. He goes back to sleep and has a similar dream. It is almost like the first. He woke up again. This is not unlike what happened to the cupbearer and the baker.

Because he was so disturbed by his dreams, it is highly likely that after the second one, he did not go back to sleep.

No one help Pharaoh with his dream. No one knows what it means.

vs 9 – 13 The cupbearer remembers Joseph. He explains his story to Pharaoh.

vs 14 – 24 Joseph is released from prison.

Do you see what is going on?

Last chapter, Joseph asked the cupbearer to remember him when he was reinstated to his office so that Joseph could be removed from prison.

God wasn’t ready for Joseph to be taken out of prison. God was doing things in and through Joseph that Joseph did not even realize.

vs 25 – 36 Joseph explains the dream to Pharaoh and even gives him a solution for the problem that is coming.

Joseph has done nothing different for Pharaoh than he did for the cupbearer and the baker. However, the outcome is very different.

vs 37 – 44 Pharaoh was pleased with Joseph. He raised Joseph to being second in command over Egypt. Pharaoh gave Joseph the best clothes and his signet ring. He decreed that no one could make a move in Egypt without Joseph’s permission.

God had been molding and shaping Joseph through the events in his life. God used slavery to raise Joseph up to being the head slave in Potiphar’s house. When Joseph was in prison, God used Joseph to be in charge of other prisoners. The captain of the guard trusted Joseph and didn’t have to worry about him. Then, God moved Joseph to being second in command of the whole country of Egypt.

God uses the events in your life for His glory and your good. Romans 8:28 However……

God wants to do something in you before he does something through you.

Joseph remained faithful to God. He never treated anyone badly. He did not complain about being a slave or being a prisoner.

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. – Westminster shorter catechism.

You are to glorify God in all of life and enjoy spending time with Him the way a child wants to spend time with their daddy.

You are to glorify God in all of life by applying the gospel to all of life or….

You glorify God by becoming more like Jesus in all of life.

Obedience is not without its rewards. The more you glorify God in your life, the more of God you get in your life.

God rewards obedience.

God rewards faithfulness.

Matthew 28:18-20– Teaching them to obey – and I will be with you always.

Chase after your Heavenly Father because – Hebrews 11:6

I pray that you will glorify God in all of life and enjoy Him forever.


Pastor Jimmy

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