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Hope you are having a great week. I am praying that you are being impacted by our Genesis series. We do not have many weeks left in our Genesis series. I will share with you soon where we are headed.

Here are some announcements that you can plug into your calendar:

  • The FaithPoint Women’s Bible study will resume this coming Sunday afternoon
  • FaithPoint Men, we will meet at the Wendy’s in front of Target to begin our new time of book discussion. I look forward to seeing you there. Tuesday, February 2, at 7:00 pm.
  • Tomorrow, we will continue our series with Andy Stanley, Starting Over. Tomorrow will be part 2 in the 4 part series.
  • Sunday, February 7 is going to be our tailgate breakfast. It is Superbowl Sunday and our last tailgate breakfast was great fun. We want to do this again. Bring a breakfast item to share and we look forward to having a great time of food and fellowship with our FaithPoint family.

Here are sermon notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 43. This sermon is part of our Genesis series.

Have you ever been somewhere with a friend or a family member and you really felt out of place? Maybe you felt that you were underdressed or overdressed. Have you ever been in someone’s house and you felt like you couldn’t touch anything? Picture this: The more you walk around, it starts to sink in that the people here don’t exactly wear jeans and t-shirts. The furniture cost more than your car. In fact, the house cost more than six or seven of your houses.

You were kinda skeptical to even get an invite to this place that is so incredible that it just blows your mind. You have no idea how this happened.

That is the situation that Joseph’s brothers find themselves in.

Genesis 43:16-34

When you are not bent on burning bridges, getting revenge, or hurting the ones that hurt you, you can give forgiveness. Forgiveness that was given by Joseph frees Joseph from being bitter, insecure, anxious, or hateful. This forgiveness helps Joseph’s brothers experience something that they never expected. Grace.

Joseph has called for an animal to be slaughtered for lunch.

  • The animal has to be big enough to feed at least 12 people, maybe more.
  • This type of thing was reserved for special occasions, feasts and parties.
  • They are in the second year of a seven year famine.
  • Joseph spares no expense on the quality of food that he is going to have prepared for his brothers.
Revelation 19:9

There is going to be another dinner. It is going to be the most extravagant and wonderful event that has ever taken place in the history of the world.

Jesus is going to host this dinner.

If you are a saint, you are invited to this dinner.

Because you are adopted into the family of Jesus, He is breaking out the good stuff. There will not be paper plates and plastic silverware at this dinner.

The table is crafted from the finest wood. The best linen is used as the tablecloth.

You will know everyone at the table. You will not feel left out or out of place. Grace that is greater than all of your sin got you to this table.

You will see the streets of pure gold. You will see water that is so pure, it sparkles like diamonds. Think of the best food that you have ever tasted. Jesus is going to kick it up a notch. It is going to rock your world.

The best wine in the world will be served at this dinner. Jesus doesn’t serve that wine in a box crap. There are no solo cups here. You will have the best goblets ever crafted.

You get all of this for the best banquet feast in the world and you don’t even deserve to be there.

  • You have lied
  • You have lusted
  • You have devoted your heart to other idols
  • You have been disobedient to His commandments
  • You have been anxious
  • You have lived in fear
  • You have doubted
  • You have lived without guarding your heart
  • You have listened to other voices other than the voice of Jesus
  • You have ignored applying the Scriptures to your life

And you still get to go to the dinner!

Your sin and mine held Jesus to the cross. Our sin puts us in the place of holding the hammer to drive the nails in His hands and feet.

We don’t deserve to go to this banquet. We get to go.

Jesus forgave us.

Jesus poured out grace and mercy on us.

Those that have experienced His forgiveness and grace will be at that banquet table.

And it will blow your mind.

Jesus loves you and you get to sit at the same table as He does. You get to eat the same food as He does. You get to drink the same wine as He does.

His friends are your friends. You are family.

And it has nothing to do with you. Nothing you have done, gets you to that banquet table.

It is all because of who Jesus is.

It is all because of Jesus.


Pastor Jimmy


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