In Your Going



Your mission if you choose to accept it……

Those words challenge Ethan Hunt in every Mission Impossible movie to do whatever it takes to see that the mission is accomplished.

If you have ever seen the Avengers movies, a group of heroes have to die to their own agendas and join together as a team to protect the world from a very real threat. The heroes, like Ethan Hunt give themselves over to the mission.

We have a mission. Every disciple has the same mission. Jesus has tasked us with continuing His mission in  Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus said that we are to love God and love others Matthew 22:37-40

Do you see how these two verses fit together?

If you love God and love others, then you must give yourself over to the mission. The gospel compels you to go.

The passion of your mission is the glory of God. The purpose of the mission is to worship Jesus. You worship Jesus more than just singing a few songs on Sunday morning. If you worship Jesus, you will become more like Jesus. You will go where He leads you. You will be obedient to the Scriptures. You will seek to accomplish your calling, whatever it takes. You will have a burning desire to see lost people come to know Jesus.

You will become like who or what you worship. It is inevitable.

If you are not on Jesus’ mission, then you are off focus. When your focus is fixed on Jesus, you are intentional about accomplishing the mission.

In your going, you are seeking to see lost people come to know Jesus. This is why you are building relationships at your favorite restaurants, at the grocery store, at the pharmacy, at the mall, at Starbucks, in your neighborhood, at your job, and with the teachers and parents of your children’s school.

The mission cannot be separated from discipleship. You progress in sanctification, or you become more like Jesus when you teach and tell others about Jesus.

You know whether or not you are Jesus’ mission or your mission. Are you more passionate about you, your family, and what you want or are you passionate about seeing lost people come to know Jesus?

If you are not passionate about seeing lost people come to know Jesus, you have to ask yourself where you got off course or you need to examine whether or not you are truly a believer.

The people who are truly on Jesus’ mission have experienced grace. They know that they would still be lost and headed on a road, blazing a trail to destruction, if Jesus had not saved them with His amazing grace.

You are never not on a mission. You are either on Jesus’ mission or you are on your mission.

Saying yes to one mission is saying no to the other mission.

You have been called, commissioned, and equipped by your Redeemer King. He has given you gifts and talents, he has given you grace and mercy. He has given you everything you need to succeed in accomplishing the mission. You bring nothing to the table. Jesus uses us in spite of us, not because of us.

There are people that Jesus has strategically placed in your life so that you will every opportunity to reach them for His glory.

His glory is the passion behind everything we do.

It is not about you.

It is all about Jesus.

In your going, may you be everything that Jesus created you to be and may you be obedient to what He has called you to.


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