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I would like to encourage you to stay in the Bible. Be like the Bereans who studied and searched the Scriptures often. We want to be “Creatures of the Word” as Matt Chandler calls it.

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Here are the notes from the sermon this past Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 45. The title of this sermon is: God Has Sent You.

This sermon is part of our Genesis series.

We will do an overview of chapter 44. You can read the chapter in its entirety on your own.

Do you sometimes wonder why you live in the city you live in? Because you were born there? Because you have a job or went to school there? Do you wonder why you work where you work? Why do you live in the neighborhood you live in? Why do you go to that particular hair salon or barber shop? Why do you go to that particular oil change place? Why do you eat at certain restaurants? Why do you shop at that particular grocery store?

Hang on to your answers for those questions. We will come back to them.

In chapter 44, the men are getting ready to go back to their father. Joseph plots with the steward of his house to trick his brothers. The steward takes Joseph’s silver cup and places it in Benjamin’s bag. This will make it appear that Benjamin robbed Joseph.

They let the men go on their way and then Joseph sends his steward after them. He catches them and finds the silver cup. They are accused of stealing. They are taken back to Joseph’s house. Judah tries to convince Joseph not to keep Benjamin.

Genesis 45:1-15

Joseph finally introduces himself to his brothers. This is a reunion and a time of reconciliation. Joseph weeps aloud and the Scripture says that the people in his house heard it and the house of Pharaoh heard it. That is loud.

Joseph explains to his brothers that they are only two years into a five year famine. What they have experienced this far is only going to get worse. There will be no planting or plowing. There will be no harvest. Water sources begin to dry up. Animals can not eat because there is not enough moisture in the ground for the grass to grow. This is life threatening. People die faster from lack of water than they do lack of food.

To give you a very real example of a famine:

Friday, President Mugabe declared a state of disaster for the country of Zimbabwe. The country has suffered its driest weather ever recorded. The rainy season came two months later than they thought. Crops have been devastated. 2.4 million people are affected. Zimbabwe has two main crops for export: tobacco and cotton. Other countries that have also been affected: South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

Joseph explains that it was not the brothers who got him to where he is now through their act of selling him into slavery. It was God’s sovereignty that put Joseph where he is now. It is God’s sovereignty for why you are where you are.

Joseph tells his brothers that he will provide land and houses and that his brothers and all of their families, and their sheep and cattle will live there. Joseph said that they would be free from poverty even though they are in a famine.  

Joseph says, in Genesis 45:5  and Genesis 45:7  that God sent him. Joseph is in Egypt at this time because God sent him. His brothers and their families will all have homes and food because God sent him. They will thrive in that land because God sent him.

Let’s go back to the questions that I asked you at the beginning.

Why do you live in the city you live in? Why do you work where you work? Why do you live in the neighborhood you live in? Why do you go to that particular hair salon or barber shop? Why do you go to that particular oil change place? Why do you eat at certain restaurants? Why do you shop at that particular grocery store?

Because God sent you.

Acts 17:26

God has created you and given you likes and dislikes, tastes and distastes, so that you can accomplish His mission for His glory.

Why do you prefer:

  • Home Depot over Lowe’s
  • Kroger more than Publix
  • BK over McDonald’s
  • Outback over Longhorn

Why do you shop at the mall or the Shoppes at River Crossing?

Why do you like certain types of cars?

Why do you like working out or superheroes?

Why do you like a certain sports team?

Because you are sent.

Deuteronomy 31:8

The Lord goes before you. Do you see it?

He has given you exactly what He wants you to have. He has equipped you to stand against the enemy and be intentional about sharing the gospel with others.

He gives you every opportunity to intentionally build relationships with others.

There are people in this city who like the same things that you like. That is your doorway to beginning a relationship on common ground.

God has even given you Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube, to use for His glory.

Use them wisely.

You are alive in this place at this time because God sent you.

He will be with you. He will not forsake you.

Do not fear.

You are sent.

Take time and ask God to open your eyes to see to where and to who you have been called.

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