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Change is rarely easy but is very necessary. Do you recall the changes that you needed to make for your 2016 to be different than your 2015. Have you taken the time to see what areas need improvement in your life? The only way that you can improve in one area is to evaluate the area that needs improvement. You can’t really make changes if you don’t know what needs to be changed.

We all have areas in our lives that need to be changed. We are not yet perfect. If you were, you would not be here right now. You are still a work in progress conforming to the image of our Redeemer King.

Get out of your comfort zone. The enemy of accomplishing your calling is comfort. You need to live on the edge of uncomfortable, expectant, waiting for God to use you in any situation. Be ready. It will happen.

Here are the announcements this week:

  • FaithPoint Men, we will not be meeting this Tuesday. I have been informed that not every one in our group has their books. We will reschedule for next Tuesday.
  • There will not be a Wednesday gathering this week. Use this time to spend time with and read the Bible with your family.
  • Easter is only six Sundays away. Be looking out for ways that you can send invites through your social media accounts. We are going to make it easier for you to invite people this Easter.
  • This Sunday, we will be back in Genesis. I look forward to being with my FaithPoint family on Sunday.

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Matthew 5:37.   The title for this sermon is: Yes and No.

We have all heard the phrase, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” There is no shortage of videos of politicians, CEO’s, and other types of people who say one thing and thing back pedal, they say that they didn’t say something even when it is on video. People also like to say something and then pass it off as saying they didn’t really mean what they said.

If you or another person in conversation has to use the phrase, “I didn’t mean it.” or “JK.” How do you know if they are telling the truth? Why would you say something that you did not mean? Why would you say “JK” in a conversation that didn’t have the intention of being funny?

Matthew 15:18-19

From out of the heart, the mouth speaks. Jesus also includes what defiles a person. However, do you know what else comes out of the heart?

  • Doubt
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Fear

Any of those things can easily cause you to say what you don’t mean.

Proverbs 13:3

Before opening our mouths or speaking rashly, it is better for us to think about what we are going to say or if we need to say anything at all.

In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about oaths and telling the truth.

Matthew 5:33-37

Don’t back pedal. Don’t change your story. Say what you intended to say and be mindful of it. Don’t be double-minded.

I want us to focus on Matthew 5:37

We need to learn how to say Yes and No better.

Have you ever met someone that said no when they meant yes or said yes when they meant to say no?

It is both confusing and frustrating for everyone involved.

You have a limited amount of Yes.

Don’t go around saying Yes to everyone. When you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. Make sure that what you are saying yes to is something that you really want to do. Make your yes expensive. It is going to cost you something.

Remembering that you have a limited amount of yes will help you from over – committing. You can only do one thing at a time. Don’t promise something that you don’t want to deliver. Don’t commit to something that you don’t want to be held responsible for. For every yes, there is accountability. You are responsible for everything that you say yes to.

Say No quickly and Yes slowly.

Weigh what is important. What is valuable? What good is going to come out of this if you say yes? Saying no quickly and yes slowly helps you to evaluate what you consider to be important.

  • Say no to time wasters
  • Say no to laziness
  • Say no to distractions
  • Say yes to spiritual growth
  • Say yes to being challenged and uncomfortable
  • Say yes to what is going to help you fulfill the calling Jesus has placed on you
  • Say yes to what is going to help you become more like Jesus.

Say Yes out of truth and not out of fear.

Say yes because you really mean yes. Don’t say yes because you are afraid of what people will think about you if you say no. Don’t say yes when you want to say no. You have a limited amount of Yes. Use your Yes wisely. Don’t make commitments based on pain, anxiety, doubt, or fear. You have a limited amount of time. Only say Yes when you mean to say yes. It does not matter what people think or say. You need to make a decision and stand by your decision. If you say yes to something when you mean no, it is frustrating for everyone involved. You are frustrated because you said yes to something that you didn’t want to do in the first place. The other people involved are frustrated because you could have said no. Nobody would have been frustrated if you had just said no.

Learn from somebody’s response.

How do they act when you say yes?

More importantly, how do they act when you say no?

If a person gets mad at you for saying no, right then, they have let you know where you stand. Friends do not get mad at you for saying no.

Don’t apologize for saying No.

You do not need to be sorry for saying no to something.

No is a complete sentence.

You do not need to explain your answer.

Let your Yes be yes and your No be no.

Anything else is evil.



Pastor Jimmy


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