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Meditate on this today: When the enemy attacks you, you know that you are moving in the direction that God wants you to go.

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Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is found in Genesis 48  The title of this sermon is: Blessing Your Children by Catechizing Them.

The Bible teaches in Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

The last thing that we would ever want for a child, is that they would hate church.

The best way to keep that from happening is to teach them to enjoy God and glorify God at an early age. You teach them that the Bible is the standard of authority. We rebuke and reject any tradition, rule, mindset, or law that goes against the Bible. The Bible is our highest authority.

Psalm 127:3  Children are a blessing.

Genesis 48:1-2  Joseph was told that Jacob was ill. This means that Jacob was close to dying. It is traditional that the Patriarch of the family bless the boys before he dies. It is always boys. Girls did not receive the patriarchal blessing.

Genesis 48:8-10  Jacob is introduced to Joseph’s sons. Jacob could not see well because age has weakened his eyes.

Genesis 48:11-14  The boys are presented to their grandfather. Joseph walks the boys over with the oldest on his left and the youngest on his right. The custom is that the oldest child is blessed by the right hand of the Patriarch. However, Jacob does something that is not immediately caught by Joseph. Jacob switched his hands.

Genesis 48:15-16   The blessing is given.

Genesis 48:17-19   Joseph saw what happened and was unhappy. He went to Jacob and tried to move Jacob’s hands but Jacob refused. Then Jacob tells Joseph that his younger son would be greater than the older son. How would Jacob know that? God reveals things to people that we may not see.

In our culture, we do not bless our children in this way.  However, because the Bible teaches us that children are a blessing we have the opportunity to bless the blessing.

There is not a birthday gift or a Christmas gift that is better than the gift of the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

We should read and explain it to them in a way that they will understand. As they learn how to read, we should help them to learn to read and memorize themselves. Creeds and Catechisms are other ways that we can teach Scripture to our children. Essentially, we are teaching kids to hide God’s Word in their heart.

We want our kids to live according to the Bible as their highest authority. We want to help them learn the basic truths of the Christian faith and how we should live.

During the Reformation and Puritan eras, parents felt it was their responsibility to help teach the Scriptures and truths of the Christian life to their children.

Today, most parents have abdicated this responsibility to the pastor and the church. However, even today, parents should incorporate what the child is learning at church within the home. Ultimately, we want the parents to lead in teaching the Scriptures to their children.

Parents have a rare opportunity to talk with spiritual matters within the home. There is freedom and support in the home to talk about these things with each other.

It is important that children not be just receivers of Biblical truth but are taught how to learn, think and communicate them.

If you do not have children, you may be feeling left out. Don’t.

It takes a church to point a child to Jesus.

At every baby dedication the church makes a covenant to walk alongside parents and teach the Gospel story to every child. You also covenant to be faithful and help the parents to be faithful to teach every child and train them in the Scriptures so that every child may one day trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The church covenants to help teach Scripture to kids and help them learn how to pray. We can ultimately walk through the Bible teaching the whole field of Biblical truth. Then, the blessing is, you get to do it again.

We don’t want to reach our kids’ heads with knowledge. We are praying for conviction by the Holy Spirit. We pray that He will use our teachings and songs, and creeds and catechisms and books and VeggieTales to drive our children to Jesus and He alone can draw them to Himself so that He can be their Lord and Savior. Then, we get to teach them to embrace the Bible as their highest authority.

You will probably not see immediate results in kids. It takes time. Proverbs 22:6  You are planting the seeds over and over again. You have to be both intentional and diligent.

We cannot do this alone. It takes Jesus working in us and through us and in our children by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Children are a blessing but it is also a blessing to be their parents and their church.


Pastor Jimmy


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