Who Are You Fighting For?

CYJRV7uUwAA4hruI am saddened to read that another pastor has had to step down from leading his church due to conduct that the book of Timothy would say disqualifies them from ministry.

This is a pastor that I have highly respected over the years. I have listened to his sermons, seen him speak at conferences and I even have a few of his books in my library. He is a leader of leaders, a chaplain for a baseball team, and he is also a husband and dad.

The church where he pastored released a letter for their members. It did clarify that he was not involved in adultery. However, he was involved in some inappropriate conversations with some women who attended the church.

The elders of the church did the right thing. They asked him to step down from his position.

So, what does this mean?

  • No one should cast stones. There is no reason for condemnation or judgment. He was removed from his position and he has repented and needs time to reconcile with his family.
  • It shows that no one is above sin. Jeremiah 17:9 says that the heart is deceitful and desperately sick. Our hearts can lead us astray. We are told to guard our hearts. When you let your guard down, you paint a target on yourself telling your enemy that you are open to any attack that he wants to unleash at you.
  • One man’s sin does not change the truth of the gospel. You don’t worship your pastor. You worship Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life without sin. Every Christian, every pastor is in need of grace and mercy every day. This is not time to doubt truth or question your faith. This is a time to run to Jesus. If a situation like this can happen to a pastor, it can happen to you.
  • You should pray for your pastor. You have no idea the battles that a pastor has. You have no real idea what is going on with his marriage or his children. His life goes beyond what you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Sunday morning.

If you are part of a church, you are part of a family. As your pastor prays for you, you should also pray for your pastor.

I am convinced that every Christian needs a war room. 

This is more than just a chair. This is where you go to write down your prayers, making your requests known to your Heavenly Father. You are praying Scriptures over your life, the life of your family and the life of your church.

You do your best fighting when you pray.

  • Fight for your spouse
  • Fight for your kids
  • Fight for your pastor
  • Fight for your church
  • Fight for you

Fight with prayer.


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