Pastors and Live Video Options

Untitled-design-23The new avenue of live video is not going to disappear. It is here to stay and it is only going to get better as apps and technology improve.

Video is not new to pastors and churches. They use video to video blog and share church services. It is easy to record, edit and upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo and then post the video to a blog, website, or Facebook page.

You can watch videos from pastors and churches on apps for your smart phone and tablet. TV is another area of video. However, the costs associated with putting a church service on TV probably exceed what an average church would want to spend in this area.

Why pay for it when there are so many different free options.

There is a lot of conversations going on about what platform people are going to use the most. The Live Stream wars are here. You might be familiar with the following heavy hitters in this world of live stream video:

  • Periscope
  • YouTube
  • SnapChat
  • Blab
  • Facebook

All of these platforms have potential and they all serve a purpose. They all offer a chance for the broadcaster to provide their content and communicate with their fans or followers.

I have been thinking about this new world of video and what benefits or drawbacks each of these platforms might have for pastors and churches that may want to use video to share their content.

I have enjoyed being a Periscope user but when Katch announced that they were going to have to shut down, that ended the ability of capturing Periscope content and embedding the videos on your blog or Facebook page.

I started thinking about how best to reach our community with video. I don’t want to leave Periscope but here is the kicker – none of my church members are regularly on Periscope.

YouTube is one option because you can record a video, share it on your YouTube page and then embed it wherever you want the video to be seen.

However, I am starting to lean towards one platform due to some things I learned from other people that I follow and trust.

Four of these platforms do not tell you where your followers and fans are located. They don’t allow you to know the average age of the person watching or commenting on your video.

This poses a problem if you are a pastor and you want to specifically target the community where your church is located.

One of these platforms is very new to the game. However, they allow targeting, so for a pastor and a church this is wonderful news. You can use video on this platform to reach potential visitors and possibly even explore new things.

Think about this:

  • You could go a little deeper in the Scripture than time allows on Sunday.
  • You could offer messages of encouragement and hope.
  • You could share a little in to your personal or family life.
  • You could share announcements and other events going on in the community or your local church.
  • You could use this as a new way to explore online church.
  • You could answer questions and pray for people.

The best thing about this particular platform is that you can reach exactly who you want to reach.

What platform is this?


Facebook live is the new live stream option for everyone. This is invaluable for churches and pastors. Your members are already on Facebook. This makes the most sense. You have the potential to reach everyone that likes your page and you can even take your marketing dollars and pay a few bucks and reach more targeted people in your community. You may even reach people that did not even know about your church until now.

So, I am going to experiment some with Facebook live. We will try some things like repurposed content, book reviews, family time, bible studies and discipleship. I would love for you to watch the videos and let me know what you think.

I look forward to seeing how God is going to use pastors and churches to reach more people with live stream video.

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