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I would like you to meditate on this quote this week while you are enjoying your time of study in the Bible.

“Before and behind all the relations of God to man, as we now learn them from Christianity, yawns the abyss of a Divine act of pure giving – the election of man, from nonentity, to be the beloved of God, and therefore (in some sense) the needed and desired of God, who but for that act needs and desires nothing, since He eternally has, and is, all goodness.”  – C.S. Lewis

Here are a few announcements that you need to remember:

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  • Sunday is Mother’s Day. We look forward to celebrating with you.
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Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is: Proverbs 4:20-27. The title of this sermon is: Ponder the Path of Your Feet.

How do you focus on what you believe to be important? Did you listen to your teachers when you were in school? Did you listen to your parents when they tried to communicate important things to you? Did you listen when they gave you “the talk?” Or did you acquire the skill to tune out what you didn’t want to hear and only listen to what you wanted to hear?

We do that in the church!

In Genesis, God created everything and he called it good. Every animal, every star, every planet, every plant and tree, every grain of sand, every rock, everything ever created by God responds to his majesty and holiness in complete obedience…..except us.

Mankind is the only created beings that have the audacity to listen to the Creator of the Universe and then turn around to his face and say, “No.”

How many times have you read the Bible, listened to a pastor, heard something at a retreat or conference and you knew that the Holy Spirit was speaking to you? You knew that the Holy Spirit wanted to do work in you and calling for a response and you refused to respond?

The Bible calls that hardening your heart. It is the worst sin that you can commit next to blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

It is also extremely stupid.

In the words of the amaetur theologian, Shania Twain, “Don’t Be Stupid.”

Proverbs 4:20 – 27

Vs 20 Solomon says to pay attention. Focus.

Vs 21-22 If Scripture is truly your highest authority, you will do whatever it takes to keep it in front of you always. Solomon has already said to keep these things around your neck and use them as a garland or crown on your head. Here he is telling us to not let them escape from your sight and to keep them within your heart.

Parents have a way of repeating things that they know is important. Repetition is the best way for a kid to learn.

Bryson learned his sight words through repetition. Placing the words in front of him over and over and over helped him know how to say them and how to spell them. Because of that technique, he is ready to begin learning second grade sight words.

Repetition is how you come to know certain things, it is how you memorize stories, poems, Scriptures, it is how kids learn the alphabet and how to count. It is also how you convey information that you don’t want someone to forget.

Vs 23 Vigilance – The action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.

I want to paint this picture. Your heart is a castle. The castle has guards at the gate and a tower. Inside the tower stands a watchman. It is the watchman’s job to be on the lookout for anything that might want to launch a hostile attack on the castle. If the watchman signals that an attack is coming, the guards immediately call the army to stand against the attack. However, not every attack is that noticeable. Ever heard of the Trojan Horse? The attack came from inside the castle. It was not an attack on the outside of the castle trying to break the drawbridge down to get in and slaughter everyone inside. The attack came from inside because they let it inside.

What are you letting into your heart that you know is not conforming you to the image of Jesus? What are you letting into your heart that you know may even be something that the Bible tells you to stay away from?

Think about that. Because we are headed to verse 25.

Vs 24 It is not what you say as much as how you say it. – We will come back to this in a later sermon.

Vs 25-27 Ponder the path of your feet. There are multiple paths. Only one leads to Jesus. The rest of the paths lead to destruction. What path are you walking on?

Your life is in the place that it is currently based on the path that you have walked.

You make decisions everyday that either push you closer to Jesus or further away.

Jesus did not say that the road to life was smooth and easy.

When you deviate from the path you begin to lose focus.


Pastor Jimmy


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