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As you begin your week, join me in praying Proverbs 3:5-6 over your life. We want to pray that we will trust God in every area of our life and not lean on our own understanding.

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Proverbs 16, 20, 10, and 6. The title of this sermon is: Cultivate – Nothing Happens By Accident.

As Christians, we do not believe in chance, luck, or coincidence. We believe in God’s providence. Even when it comes to drawing straws, or rolling dice, nothing happens by accident. Nothing “just happens.”

Proverbs 16:33  – No matter how the dice land. No matter what side the coin lands on, God is in control of those things even when they seem so minor.

What about your life? Have you lived in such a way that you just expect that one day something is going to just “happen?”

To believe in chance, coincidence or even happenstance, means that your view of God is off. That kind of belief leads to a worldview of God where He created the world and then ceases to have any kind of interaction with His creation.

Thank you Jesus! God does not take a hands off approach when it comes to His children. He loves to work in our lives…but we are not free from responsibility.

The Bible is rich with agricultural terminology. We are familiar with the phrase – you reap what you sow. We know that if you plant a seed, in time, there will be something to harvest.

This truth works in farming. It also works in your spiritual life.

You can either take responsibility for your life or you can take a passive attitude for your life.

For some reason, some Christians actually like taking a passive stance to their spiritual life. They get saved and then they think things are just going to work themselves out. They don’t see the need for a mentor or discipleship. They don’t pray that often. They pick up their Bibles when they go to church but that is usually the only time. They don’t understand spiritual warfare. They don’t understand what it means to actually follow Jesus. They are just passive. They believe that they don’t need to do anything and that is completely fine because they are going to heaven. Out of all the areas of their life, they seem to care the least about their relationship with God.

There are warnings in Scripture to being passive.

1 John 1:6 Proverbs 10:5 Proverbs 20:4

We take responsibility for other areas of our lives – why would we not take more of an effort to be responsible for our spiritual life? We are called to actually have an active responsibility when it comes to becoming more like Jesus.

Matthew 3:8 Colossians 2:6-7

Proverbs 6:6-9  The agricultural references have much application to our spiritual lives.

There is a gap of time between planting a seed and harvesting the vegetables or grain.

What do you do with that time?

You cultivate. says, “To cultivate is to nurture and help grow. When you cultivate something, you work to make it better.”

God is a cultivator. He knew exactly what he was doing when he placed Adam in the garden to cultivate it. There is a need in us to cultivate.

  • Technology constantly changes. They work and tweak and invent to keep getting products better and better.
  • It is why men like hot rods – they are working to make it better.
  • It is why women like to move furniture around and repaint.
  • It is why we like growing flowers and planting gardens.

We have a desire to cultivate – to make things better.

A mother is a good example of a cultivator.

They are nurturers. They do what it takes to help a baby grow. They help their toddlers learn to walk and talk. They teach them how to read and to get them ready for school.

You know that if you want good relationships – you can’t put them on cruise control. You have to intentionally invest in them. You have to cultivate them.

You cultivate your marriage.

You cultivate your relationship with your kids.

You cultivate your relationship with others.

Why would you not cultivate the most important relationship in your life?

You have to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth. No one is going to do it for you.

If you want to be conformed to the image of Jesus, you have to study Jesus to become more like Jesus. You start with the Bible.

Not just reading it.

Applying it.

Do whatever it takes to saturate yourself in the Scriptures. Stay in the Scriptures. Immerse yourselves in the Scriptures.

There is no magic pill.

There is no how to book. concludes their definition of cultivate with this: To cultivate anything requires attention to detail, an understanding of what is being cultivated, and a lot of patience.

Look for ways that you can cultivate your own spiritual growth.

Look for ways that you can cultivate your relationships with others and add value to their lives.

You are responsible.

You reap what you sow.


Pastor Jimmy

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