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Here are a few announcements for you:

  • FaithPoint Men – we are not meeting for book discussion tonight. We will meet tomorrow at the same time at the Wendy’s in front of Target. I look forward to seeing you there.
  • November 2, is the first Wednesday in November. That will be our time for our food, discussion, and fellowship.
  • November 6, is the first Sunday in November. This will kick off our new Bible study. I hope you will join us.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from James 3:13-18. The title of this sermon is: Wise Living/Foolish Living. This is week 6 in our Faith Works series.

Wisdom. The very word brings to mind people or even fictional characters that we would consider wise.

  • Aslan
  • Gandalf
  • Yoda

To even begin to discuss something like wisdom, we have to look through biblical lenses. In other words, our perspective must line up with the Scripture. So, let’s look at two statements that will help us navigate through this Scripture.

  • God is for God.
  • God created the world and set it into motion. He has a perfect plan for how everything is supposed to work. We can either live in accordance or alignment with God’s design which is laid out for us in the Bible, or we can rebel against it.  – Example: Adam and Eve.

God doesn’t owe us anything. Everything that was created is for His good pleasure. He is completely sovereign. He is omniscient. He surpasses space and time. He does not answer to anyone and He takes advice from no one. He love us. He has given us a purpose. He gave us Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He wants us. He does not need us. Everything God does is to make His name great. Everything He does is for His renown and His glory. He is uppermost in His own affections. He is for you but you do not replace Him. God does not worship you. He loves you.

Psalm 23 is a wonderful example for us to see.

God has designed everything for us to submit to Him by walking in delightful obedience.

Wisdom. To talk about wisdom as a way of life, means that there is an opposite or contrary way of life. The Bible presents us with a way to live that is holy and wise or one that is stupid and foolish.

Now this is challenging and some of you might wrestle with where we are headed. Everything in our culture will push back and rebel against this. Why? Because our culture will tell you that everything you do, eat, drive, wear, watch, read, everything is to make you happy.

Look at commercials on TV. You are the center of your own universe.

  • Cleaners and laundry detergent
  • Beer commercials
  • Ice cream commercials
  • Coffee commercials
  • Fast Food commercials
  • Car commercials

There is a way to live that is wise. If you are wise, show you are wise by the way you live. Your conduct. You do this in humility, and meekness – proof of wisdom.

Conversely, bitter jealously and selfish ambition argue that it is all about me. They get jealous because they don’t have a Lexus with a bow on top for Christmas. They get upset when they don’t get the Instagram or Facebook likes. They have selfish expectations of everybody doing things for them. Their job revolves around them. Their spouse and kids are there to do their bidding. If life is all about you, then you will be miserable when something happens that is outside your control.

The Bible shows us that living in delightful obedience is freedom. We are free to serve our spouse and our kids, we are free to serve others, we are free to serve our church, we are free to praise, edify, and make much of God.

What you sow, you will reap.

You sow discord and selfishness that is what you reap.

If you sow in righteousness and peace, that is what you will reap.

A person of wisdom is a person of peace.


Pastor Jimmy


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