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We are now in November. It is crazy to think that we are almost in 2017.

I hope that you have been enjoying the videos and the sermon recaps. We will continue these videos so that you can continue to watch them on your own time.

This coming Sunday will be our first Bible study. We will be in the book of John and we will focus on spiritual growth. We will begin the study at 5:00. I look forward to seeing you.

Tonight is our time of fellowship and Bible study. I can’t wait to spend time with our Faithpoint family as we share food and recap the sermon together.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from: James 4:1-12. The title of this sermon is: Run To Your Daddy.

When you become a Christian, the Holy Spirit is given to you. The gospel starts to infiltrate and rush into every area of your life. It’s like when people in your house have been sick. There are germs that have been brought into your house that if not dealt with, will cause other people to be sick. So, you grab the Lysol and you attack every room in the house. You vacuum the carpets. You change the sheets and pillow cases. Why? You want to get rid of the crap in the house that is making people sick.

That is the Holy Spirit’s job. He gets rid of the crap in us that is making us sick. However, there are some things that we know are harmful to us but we don’t want to part with them so we try to hang on. The longer we hang on to it, the more damage we do to ourselves.

James is going to show us that there is a way of life that we used to live and a way of life that we are called to live. The two cannot live together harmoniously so they clash. There is a war going on inside each of us. Our passions and desires are at war with each other.

James 4:1-12

We remember from last week that we are called to grow (increasing in) purity, peace, gentleness, reason, mercy, and bearing fruit that makes it evident that we are pursuing becoming like Jesus.

James is talking to the church. If we believe false wisdom or foolishness, then we see no consequences or repercussions at doing whatever it takes to make ourselves happy. Perfect judgment made by a Holy God means nothing to us because in our foolishness we believe that God serves us instead of us being created to serve and worship Him.

Quarrels and fights happened because of bitter jealousy and selfish ambition. Vile, dark things are going on in the church. You don’t rejoice when God blesses other people because you feel left out. You don’t celebrate, you grow in disgust and contempt. You see that someone else has something that you want, so, you just kill them and take it. Coveting anything, power, position, title, money, someone’s spouse or another person, anything comes out of the dark places within your heart. You think that you deserve that more than anyone else.

Friendship with the world is enmity or hostility with God. Do you want something so bad that you would make yourself an enemy of God?

Screaming out like a child that something or someone should be yours because you deserve it. You get mad at the person for having it and then get mad at God for giving it to them. Your feeling of entitlement cries out that it is not fair.

You adulterous people – How many times have you tried to make a deal with God and then you fail to keep your part? How many times did you make promises that you never intended on keeping. How often do you sing songs of worship to God on Sunday and then you turn around and you give your heart to something else and you worship it instead?

Your deepest desires and passions are not for God. They are for something that you don’t currently have. Your cravings are for the next place you want to go on vacation.

God wants you. All of you. He wants your whole heart but your deepest desires and cravings show that you want something else instead of your Heavenly Father.

You would think, I would never worship anything other than God. That sounds good but that is not reality. Anything that you hold on to more than you hold on to Jesus is an idol. Anything that you won’t let go of – idol. Anything that you can’t or won’t share or let someone borrow – idol. Anything that just the thought of not having it causes anxiety – idol. Anything that the thought of letting it go seems like it would be too painful – idol.

You give your heart over to idols because you don’t trust the Bible when it says that Jesus is enough. It tells us that Jesus is all we need. We don’t believe it. We run to our idols and then we get mad when God wants to take it away or blesses someone else instead.

But…He gives more grace. This is a beautiful thing.

Now James is going to show us how to walk in the grace of God. It is in direct opposition, it clashes with the way of life that comes from foolishness and wickedness. He gives more grace to those who walk in humility.

Instead of thinking you deserve something or are entitled to something, you pick up your cross and die to yourself. You die to the foolish and wicked parts of your heart. You want to as John Owen said, kill it before it kills you. Put to death the things inside you that push you away from Christ instead of towards Him.

Submit – You are under God not above Him. You submit to Him as He knows what is best for you better than you do. Submission leads to obedience.

Resist – Withstand the action or effect of

Put up a fight. Don’t give in. Stand your ground. Stand firm.

Draw near to God like a child running to their daddy.


Be a person of peace. Walk in peace.



Pastor Jimmy

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