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I hope that your new year is off to a great start.

Our Men’s book discussion picked back up this evening. We had a great time.

Don’t forget tomorrow night is our time of fellowship and Bible study. You can bring whatever you would like to share for our time of fellowship. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is Proverbs 24:27. The title of this sermon is: Sharpen the Saw This is the first sermon in our Proverbs2 series.

There is a story about a man who needed to cut down a tree. There had been some heavy rains in his area and the tree he wanted to cut down was in danger of falling on his house. He goes to his workshop and gets his saw. He puts on his gloves and walks out to the tree. He begins to saw the tree. A friend comes over to see him and notices that he is working at sawing the tree down. The man’s friend kindly tells him that he would make better progress if he would sharpen the saw. The man told him that he could not sharpen the saw because that would take too much time.

Last week we saw that what you value is what you give attention to and what you give attention to is what you end up doing.

How often have you noticed in someone’s life that what they say is not exactly what they do? How often in your own life is what you say not exactly what you do?

For example: If you took a survey and asked people what they valued or what was most important to them, the majority of people would all give the same answer.

They would say something like their health and well being or their family. They say that but that is not what they do. They say their health is important but they are not going to a gym, they are not riding a bike, they are not exploring whether or not their current nutrition plan is right for their lifestyle or if there is a better option available. What you are going to get is: It takes too much time.

Go to any restaurant. Look for a table with a family there. How many phones and tablets do you see on the table or in the hands of the people at the table? How can family be important if you spend more time on Facebook than with your spouse? How is family important if you don’t even know what is going on with your kids at school?

Proverbs 24:27

What are you building? You are always in the process of building, what it looks like in the end is entirely up to you, the builder.

I am a huge believer in spiritual growth. Christians are called to be like Jesus. We are called to Christlikeness.

You pick out where you want to build. You have the land, you have your materials, you have your blueprint, and you have all of the proper tools. You are ready to begin.

So, you begin to build.

After a while, you take a look at the structure and you see that it is coming together. You cannot wait to move into this house.

You walk around and admire the work. The brick work is impeccable. The floors are in and the walls appear to be good and strong. The roof looks good. You have the best windows that money can buy and you are almost ready to put the front door on. You walk outside and take a look and you just notice that something just doesn’t look right.

You realize that there are cracks in your foundation.

Matthew 7:24-27

Obedience is the evidence of building upon a rock solid foundation. Disobedience is the evidence that you may not have a foundation at all.

When it comes to your personal spiritual growth, you can be either proactive or reactive.

A Christian that is reactive complains about things that they cannot control. They do not want to put forth the effort to learn and grow because it takes too much time. They are like the man that needed to cut down the tree but didn’t want to sharpen the saw because it would take too much time.

Proactive people carve out time.

They say no to some things to say yes to other things. They make time to do self evaluations. They take time to care for their own soul. They study the Bible, they don’t just read it to read it. They let it read them. They cultivate Bible reading and study time into their schedule.

They are not adding to their routine, they are making changes to their routine.

Proverbs 24:27

It always helps to have the right tools before you begin to build.

Maybe you need better tools.

Your spiritual growth is your primary responsibility.

It is not going to happen by accident.

It is not going to happen overnight.

To be like Jesus, you have to walk like Jesus walked.

I Love Our Church!

Pastor Jimmy

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