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I pray that you are having a blessed week. I pray that no matter what comes your way this week, that you remain strong, bold and courageous. I trust that you are rooted and grounded in the Scripture and your faith is in Jesus alone.

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Here are the notes from Sunday’s sermon:

This is week 3 in our Doctrine and Devotion series. Today’s sermon: What Does It Mean To Be Adopted by God?

Adoption. This is not a concept that we are unfamiliar with. You probably know someone that has been adopted or you may know a family that has adopted a child.

In either case, there was a child who did not originally belong to that family. The family saw the child, loved the child, and adopted the child to make them a part of their family.

Adoption definition: Adoption is an act of God whereby he makes us members of his family.

The apostle John mentions adoption in John 1:12-13.

The thing to remember here is that John is only talking about people who have been born again. Romans 10:9

This means that there are people who have not been adopted yet or will not be adopted at all because they have not believed in Jesus nor confessed that He is Lord.

Ephesians 2:3 They are children of wrath

Ephesians 5:3-6 They are the sons of disobedience

Jesus had this to say in John 8:42-44

Paul says this in Romans 8:14-17

Now what is really cool is that if you are a Christian, once you have been adopted into God’s family, you are immediately connected to all Christians – past, present, and future because you are in God’s family. You are connected to Christians that you have heard or read about, and ones that you have never met.

  • Abraham
  • Noah
  • Elijah
  • John the Baptist
  • Polycarp
  • Irenaeus
  • Persecuted Christians
  • Martyrs
  • Christians all over the United States and the rest of the world

What kind of evidence do we have that we are truly adopted into God’s family? Paul says that the Holy Spirit bears witness in our hearts that we are God’s children. Galatians 4:4-7

Christians are adopted into God’s family now but we do not fully receive all of the benefits and privileges of adoption until Jesus comes back. Romans 8:23

John already showed us that adoption follows salvation. It is God’s response to our faith. The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. This means that the Holy Spirit gives us assurance that we have been adopted and are part of God’s family.

When you see horrific pictures or videos, such as when Isis killed Christians on a beach, your spirit should have groaned and ached for them because your brothers were murdered. We ache for their wives and kids. We ache for their churches.

We have privileges as being adopted into the family of God. We know that God is Sovereign, Holy, Majestic, Creator, Provider, Sustainer, and Judge. The greatest of all privileges that we have right now is to be able to relate to Him as our Heavenly Father.

Because God relates to us as a Father, this shows us very clearly that He loves us. When we cry out “Abba! Father!” the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

Abba is not translated Daddy in the original Aramaic language. It is a deep, intimate, comfortable term that is used in connection with speaking with one’s father. However, in our culture the best way for us to understand this is this:

In our society, any man can be a father. However, when a child forms a deep, intimate, comfortable connection to their father, they call him Daddy.

Some Christians do not fully believe that they have been adopted into God’s family nor do they believe that God loves them in this deep, intimate, and comfortable way that they can relate to him as their Heavenly Father.

This could be because they have scars from their past. This could be that they have had an awkward or abusive relationship with their earthly father. They could also not understand this deep, intimate relationship with God because they don’t understand the relationship a child has with their Daddy.

As a church, it is our responsibility to help these brothers and sisters see that God is loving, gracious, merciful, and compassionate. He is the ultimate example of how a Daddy should relate to his kids. When they can begin to see God as their Heavenly Father, they will begin to realize that they have been adopted into his family.

Romans 8:14 shows us another privilege that we have as being adopted. The Holy Spirit leads us. Paul shows us the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into paths of obedience.

Another privilege that is a privilege that we may not enjoy, is the fact that God disciplines us as a loving daddy disciplines his children.

Hebrews 12:5-6

Another privilege is the fact that you get to be like him. Ephesians 5:1 – Be imitators of God, as beloved children.

We are called to be like God – the way children want to be like their Daddy.

1 Peter 1:14-16

If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit dwells in you. This causes a want or a desire to be like your Heavenly Father. If God is holy, we should want to be holy.

1 John 3:10

Do you sense the Holy Spirit in you bearing witness with your spirit that you have been adopted into God’s family?

Do you desire to put sin to death?

Do you desire to live a holy life and live in obedience to your Heavenly Father?


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FaithPoint News

Greetings FaithPoint!

May you be blessed this week. I hope that you are enjoying the daily videos in Proverbs. Leave your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page if you would like to share what you are getting from our daily studies. In today’s video, I asked if you would like to do another book of the Bible, so also please comment with the next book you would like us to study together.

Pastor James will be doing our sermon recap video tonight. I am looking forward to it.

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday:

This is week 1 in our Doctrine and Devotion series.

My hope for you during this series is that you become rooted and grounded in the faith as Paul explains in Colossians 2:6-14

To be rooted or established, there needs to be a foundation on which to build. So, we are building upon the foundation of Scripture.

We are told in James to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. You can say that you believe something but do something else entirely. What you believe determines what you do. I can point out the way to you but I cannot make you believe.

We believe that the Bible is our highest authority. It is holy, it is inerrant, it is infallible.

We believe that the Bible is the only sufficient, certain source of all saving knowledge, faith and obedience. In other words, the Bible tells us about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us how we are saved from our sins, and the Bible tells us what God expects from us in the form of obedience in light of the fact that we have been adopted into His family.

We believe John 1:1

We believe that Word is Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus spoke the universe into existence and through Him are all things held together.

There are some people that you will meet, that will proclaim that they believe in the Bible. They will tell you they love the Bible, they may tell you that they believe the Bible is sufficient for salvation and sanctification. But there is a cavernous gap between what they say and what they do. There is a huge disconnect.

If you say that you believe the Bible than you should be conforming to the image of Jesus.

For example:

Romans 10:9-13 salvation

Romans 12:1-2 sanctification

Hebrews 4:12

You cannot come into contact with this sword and remain unchanged. You are either driven to Jesus or you harden your heart and you run from Jesus. Every. Single. Time.

No one is left neutral.

Acts 28:23

Ephesians 2:20-22


Pastor Jimmy

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