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We have come to the end of our Genesis series. I hope that God revealed some new things to you as well as took you deeper into stories and verses that you already know. I am praying that you are applying the Scriptures to your life. Application is the only way to show that you are truly walking in the Scriptures.

Easter is next Sunday! It is also the last Sunday of March. Take a look back on the last three months. What are you doing to ensure that this year is not just like last year? If you have changed nothing, you cannot expect different results. However, it is also not too late to start. You want to see progression – growth. This is a process not an overnight miracle. Remember, if you do not grow or you make no progress, you cannot put the blame on anyone but yourself. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own spiritual growth. Your growth as a disciple or your progression in sanctification is directly tied to your obedience of God’s Word. I encourage you to start and not look back. You have to get out of your comfort zone and put down the remote control. Your discipleship process or missional lifestyle is going to be uncomfortable until it becomes a natural rhythm in your life. Your process of conforming to the image of Jesus is not an addition to your life, it is your life.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is: Genesis 50:15-21.  The title of this sermon is: God Uses All Things For His Glory and Our Good.

If you could be any superhero, who would you choose to be? Most of all of us have thought about this question. You might have even dreamed of what it would be like to fly, break the sound barrier when you run, punch bad guys, swing above a city, or whatever power you would like to have.

If you are like most people, most people choose the character whom they feel like they know the most.


There is a problem here.

People want:

  • Batman’s money
  • Batman’s suit
  • Batman’s gear
  • Batman’s tech
  • Batman’s cave

However, they don’t want Batman’s story.

None of those things make Batman who he is. You can’t have Batman without his story. Nobody wants to see a gunman put a bullet in their parents and then you have to look at their bodies, their lives taken from them. Every time you pass that street, you remember. You never forget. Nobody wants that as part of their story.

We do that with Bible verses too.

We love Bible verses on coffee cups, T-shirts and bumper stickers but we don’t necessarily want to experience the verse in it’s actual context.

Genesis 50:15-21

Jacob is dead. Jacob was buried in the cave that Abraham had bought to be used as a burial place.

Genesis 50:15-19  Joseph’s brothers are a little worried because their father is dead. They believe that Joseph might now try to get revenge for what they did to him when they were all younger.

Joseph asks a profound question: Am I in the place of God?

Joseph has realized that he is not responsible for how others treat him. He is only responsible for how he treats others. This sounds good but is painful to walk through. It hurts when someone betrays you, when your trust is broken, when you are taken advantage of or taken for granted.

Joseph understood it is not our place to get revenge.

Whatever you have gone through is part of your story. Your story needs to be shared. All of it, even the parts that you don’t like or that you wish that you could forget. Your story could be what provides hope to another person.

Genesis 50:20 – You meant evil against me but God meant it for good.

Romans 8:28

That is a part of every Christian’s story.

Psalm 119:11  – I will hide your word in my heart so that I may not sin against you.

We love to quote this verse, but do you really want to go through what you have to go through to get to this place?

It takes discipline, diligence, and intentionality. You are the only one who is responsible for your own spiritual growth.

Here is a coffee cup verse: Isaiah 40:31

We love the way that sounds: To mount up or soar with wings like eagles. We like it because we consider eagles to be graceful birds – They make their nests in the mountains. They can fly up to 15,000 feet. They can fly at speeds up to 65 mph.

But that’s not all…

Eagles are predators. They are hunters. They chase, pursue and kill.

Eagles are raptors. Their beaks and talons are sharp for a reason.

Eagles are fighters. They never back down or run from a fight. They will also fight to the death if necessary.

Eagles only stay in their nests for long periods of time when they are waiting for their eggs to hatch. Other than that, they don’t stay at home. They don’t get too comfortable in one space.

How does this affect your story?

You cannot be on top of the mountain without climbing the mountain. Not every mountain is the same. Some mountains are more difficult than others. However, when you get to the top of the mountain, you realize that the journey was worth it.

God has given you a mission. God has given you a dream or vision for your life. You are the only one who can accomplish that dream. No one else can accomplish the work that God has given you to accomplish.

God wants us to chase Him before we chase our dream. God wants your heart, more than He wants your hands.

The enemy is going to bring the fight to you. You have to be prepared and protect yourself spiritually. You know the areas you are weak. That is going to be where he attacks you first. Be ready.

Don’t get comfortable. Comfortable leads to laziness. Laziness does not answer calls to action. Laziness does not live on mission. Laziness does lead to apathy and death.

God is crafting your story.

It is your job to live it out on a daily basis and share it with others.

Romans 8:28


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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint!

Meditate on this today: When the enemy attacks you, you know that you are moving in the direction that God wants you to go.

If you do not already know, our FaithPoint website is in the works. Our Coming Soon page is live. You can check it out at

I will update you when our new website is ready to launch. You will be able to check out our website for all info related to FaithPoint.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is found in Genesis 48  The title of this sermon is: Blessing Your Children by Catechizing Them.

The Bible teaches in Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

The last thing that we would ever want for a child, is that they would hate church.

The best way to keep that from happening is to teach them to enjoy God and glorify God at an early age. You teach them that the Bible is the standard of authority. We rebuke and reject any tradition, rule, mindset, or law that goes against the Bible. The Bible is our highest authority.

Psalm 127:3  Children are a blessing.

Genesis 48:1-2  Joseph was told that Jacob was ill. This means that Jacob was close to dying. It is traditional that the Patriarch of the family bless the boys before he dies. It is always boys. Girls did not receive the patriarchal blessing.

Genesis 48:8-10  Jacob is introduced to Joseph’s sons. Jacob could not see well because age has weakened his eyes.

Genesis 48:11-14  The boys are presented to their grandfather. Joseph walks the boys over with the oldest on his left and the youngest on his right. The custom is that the oldest child is blessed by the right hand of the Patriarch. However, Jacob does something that is not immediately caught by Joseph. Jacob switched his hands.

Genesis 48:15-16   The blessing is given.

Genesis 48:17-19   Joseph saw what happened and was unhappy. He went to Jacob and tried to move Jacob’s hands but Jacob refused. Then Jacob tells Joseph that his younger son would be greater than the older son. How would Jacob know that? God reveals things to people that we may not see.

In our culture, we do not bless our children in this way.  However, because the Bible teaches us that children are a blessing we have the opportunity to bless the blessing.

There is not a birthday gift or a Christmas gift that is better than the gift of the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

We should read and explain it to them in a way that they will understand. As they learn how to read, we should help them to learn to read and memorize themselves. Creeds and Catechisms are other ways that we can teach Scripture to our children. Essentially, we are teaching kids to hide God’s Word in their heart.

We want our kids to live according to the Bible as their highest authority. We want to help them learn the basic truths of the Christian faith and how we should live.

During the Reformation and Puritan eras, parents felt it was their responsibility to help teach the Scriptures and truths of the Christian life to their children.

Today, most parents have abdicated this responsibility to the pastor and the church. However, even today, parents should incorporate what the child is learning at church within the home. Ultimately, we want the parents to lead in teaching the Scriptures to their children.

Parents have a rare opportunity to talk with spiritual matters within the home. There is freedom and support in the home to talk about these things with each other.

It is important that children not be just receivers of Biblical truth but are taught how to learn, think and communicate them.

If you do not have children, you may be feeling left out. Don’t.

It takes a church to point a child to Jesus.

At every baby dedication the church makes a covenant to walk alongside parents and teach the Gospel story to every child. You also covenant to be faithful and help the parents to be faithful to teach every child and train them in the Scriptures so that every child may one day trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The church covenants to help teach Scripture to kids and help them learn how to pray. We can ultimately walk through the Bible teaching the whole field of Biblical truth. Then, the blessing is, you get to do it again.

We don’t want to reach our kids’ heads with knowledge. We are praying for conviction by the Holy Spirit. We pray that He will use our teachings and songs, and creeds and catechisms and books and VeggieTales to drive our children to Jesus and He alone can draw them to Himself so that He can be their Lord and Savior. Then, we get to teach them to embrace the Bible as their highest authority.

You will probably not see immediate results in kids. It takes time. Proverbs 22:6  You are planting the seeds over and over again. You have to be both intentional and diligent.

We cannot do this alone. It takes Jesus working in us and through us and in our children by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Children are a blessing but it is also a blessing to be their parents and their church.


Pastor Jimmy


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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint,

C.S. Lewis said, “And if a man’s self is not kept clean and bright, his glimpse of God will be blurred – like the Moon seen through a dirty telescope. That is why horrible nations have horrible religions: they have been looking at God through a dirty lens.”

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. We have some good things to share with you.

Remember to give out your Easter invite cards to someone that you want to invite to our Easter service. We are excited to hear your stories as you share these invite cards with others.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 47:1-12. The title of this sermon is: Your Life Is A Journey. This is part of our Genesis series.

The Bible teaches in Ecclesiastes that life is made up of different seasons. Another way of looking at this is that your life is a journey that is made up of smaller journeys. From where you are in your life now, you can look back and see most of the smaller journeys that make up your overall journey. Some journeys (seasons) were more intense than others. Some you never want to forget and there are some that you wish you would never remember.

School is one such temporary journey. Elementary school is a journey, Middle school is a journey, High school is a journey. After high school is over, you may journey into the workforce or you might journey into further schooling.

Whatever decision that you make, it is still a temporary decision.

Every decision that you make is temporary but the consequences of those decisions can have lasting impact.

Genesis 47:1-2  Joseph went to Pharaoh and told Pharaoh that his father and brothers had successfully moved into the land of Goshen.

Joseph introduced five of his brothers to Pharaoh.

Genesis 47:3-4  The events started to transpire as Joseph said they would. Pharaoh asked his brothers what they did for a living.

Genesis 47:5-6  Pharaoh really liked and trusted Joseph or he would not have made the offer that he made for Joseph’s family.

Genesis 47:7-12   Joseph gets his father and his brothers settled in to the new land. They are given the best of the land in Goshen. Joseph provides for his family for the remaining time of the famine.

There is something that takes place that I want us to focus on. In the middle of this section of the Scripture, a very important conversation happens.

The conversation takes place in verses 8-9.

Jacob does not respond to Pharaoh’s question like we are accustomed to think. He equates his life with being on a journey. He does not consider this world to be his permanent home. He says that he is sojourning.

Sojourn: a temporary stay // a period of time when you stay in a place as a traveler

The Bible is very clear that this world is not our home:

Psalm 119:19  – I am a sojourner on the earth

Philippians 3:20  – Our citizenship is in heaven

Hebrews 13:14  – For here we have no lasting city

1 Peter 1:17  – Conduct yourselves with fear during the time of your exile

1 Peter 2:11  – sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh which wage war against your soul

When you are in a place but you don’t live there, you live differently.

  • You still obey the laws of that city
  • You only pack for the purpose of that journey
  • There is an urgency to your journey
  • You can live like the missionary that the Bible already says that you are


Pastor Jimmy

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Change is rarely easy but is very necessary. Do you recall the changes that you needed to make for your 2016 to be different than your 2015. Have you taken the time to see what areas need improvement in your life? The only way that you can improve in one area is to evaluate the area that needs improvement. You can’t really make changes if you don’t know what needs to be changed.

We all have areas in our lives that need to be changed. We are not yet perfect. If you were, you would not be here right now. You are still a work in progress conforming to the image of our Redeemer King.

Get out of your comfort zone. The enemy of accomplishing your calling is comfort. You need to live on the edge of uncomfortable, expectant, waiting for God to use you in any situation. Be ready. It will happen.

Here are the announcements this week:

  • FaithPoint Men, we will not be meeting this Tuesday. I have been informed that not every one in our group has their books. We will reschedule for next Tuesday.
  • There will not be a Wednesday gathering this week. Use this time to spend time with and read the Bible with your family.
  • Easter is only six Sundays away. Be looking out for ways that you can send invites through your social media accounts. We are going to make it easier for you to invite people this Easter.
  • This Sunday, we will be back in Genesis. I look forward to being with my FaithPoint family on Sunday.

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Matthew 5:37.   The title for this sermon is: Yes and No.

We have all heard the phrase, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” There is no shortage of videos of politicians, CEO’s, and other types of people who say one thing and thing back pedal, they say that they didn’t say something even when it is on video. People also like to say something and then pass it off as saying they didn’t really mean what they said.

If you or another person in conversation has to use the phrase, “I didn’t mean it.” or “JK.” How do you know if they are telling the truth? Why would you say something that you did not mean? Why would you say “JK” in a conversation that didn’t have the intention of being funny?

Matthew 15:18-19

From out of the heart, the mouth speaks. Jesus also includes what defiles a person. However, do you know what else comes out of the heart?

  • Doubt
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Fear

Any of those things can easily cause you to say what you don’t mean.

Proverbs 13:3

Before opening our mouths or speaking rashly, it is better for us to think about what we are going to say or if we need to say anything at all.

In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about oaths and telling the truth.

Matthew 5:33-37

Don’t back pedal. Don’t change your story. Say what you intended to say and be mindful of it. Don’t be double-minded.

I want us to focus on Matthew 5:37

We need to learn how to say Yes and No better.

Have you ever met someone that said no when they meant yes or said yes when they meant to say no?

It is both confusing and frustrating for everyone involved.

You have a limited amount of Yes.

Don’t go around saying Yes to everyone. When you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. Make sure that what you are saying yes to is something that you really want to do. Make your yes expensive. It is going to cost you something.

Remembering that you have a limited amount of yes will help you from over – committing. You can only do one thing at a time. Don’t promise something that you don’t want to deliver. Don’t commit to something that you don’t want to be held responsible for. For every yes, there is accountability. You are responsible for everything that you say yes to.

Say No quickly and Yes slowly.

Weigh what is important. What is valuable? What good is going to come out of this if you say yes? Saying no quickly and yes slowly helps you to evaluate what you consider to be important.

  • Say no to time wasters
  • Say no to laziness
  • Say no to distractions
  • Say yes to spiritual growth
  • Say yes to being challenged and uncomfortable
  • Say yes to what is going to help you fulfill the calling Jesus has placed on you
  • Say yes to what is going to help you become more like Jesus.

Say Yes out of truth and not out of fear.

Say yes because you really mean yes. Don’t say yes because you are afraid of what people will think about you if you say no. Don’t say yes when you want to say no. You have a limited amount of Yes. Use your Yes wisely. Don’t make commitments based on pain, anxiety, doubt, or fear. You have a limited amount of time. Only say Yes when you mean to say yes. It does not matter what people think or say. You need to make a decision and stand by your decision. If you say yes to something when you mean no, it is frustrating for everyone involved. You are frustrated because you said yes to something that you didn’t want to do in the first place. The other people involved are frustrated because you could have said no. Nobody would have been frustrated if you had just said no.

Learn from somebody’s response.

How do they act when you say yes?

More importantly, how do they act when you say no?

If a person gets mad at you for saying no, right then, they have let you know where you stand. Friends do not get mad at you for saying no.

Don’t apologize for saying No.

You do not need to be sorry for saying no to something.

No is a complete sentence.

You do not need to explain your answer.

Let your Yes be yes and your No be no.

Anything else is evil.



Pastor Jimmy


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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint,

I would like to encourage you to stay in the Bible. Be like the Bereans who studied and searched the Scriptures often. We want to be “Creatures of the Word” as Matt Chandler calls it.

As you are drinking your coffee or hot chocolate, I would love for you to share what God is currently doing in your life. Share with our FaithPoint family your testimony. Head over to our Facebook page, leave your comment and let us celebrate with you.

Here are the notes from the sermon this past Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 45. The title of this sermon is: God Has Sent You.

This sermon is part of our Genesis series.

We will do an overview of chapter 44. You can read the chapter in its entirety on your own.

Do you sometimes wonder why you live in the city you live in? Because you were born there? Because you have a job or went to school there? Do you wonder why you work where you work? Why do you live in the neighborhood you live in? Why do you go to that particular hair salon or barber shop? Why do you go to that particular oil change place? Why do you eat at certain restaurants? Why do you shop at that particular grocery store?

Hang on to your answers for those questions. We will come back to them.

In chapter 44, the men are getting ready to go back to their father. Joseph plots with the steward of his house to trick his brothers. The steward takes Joseph’s silver cup and places it in Benjamin’s bag. This will make it appear that Benjamin robbed Joseph.

They let the men go on their way and then Joseph sends his steward after them. He catches them and finds the silver cup. They are accused of stealing. They are taken back to Joseph’s house. Judah tries to convince Joseph not to keep Benjamin.

Genesis 45:1-15

Joseph finally introduces himself to his brothers. This is a reunion and a time of reconciliation. Joseph weeps aloud and the Scripture says that the people in his house heard it and the house of Pharaoh heard it. That is loud.

Joseph explains to his brothers that they are only two years into a five year famine. What they have experienced this far is only going to get worse. There will be no planting or plowing. There will be no harvest. Water sources begin to dry up. Animals can not eat because there is not enough moisture in the ground for the grass to grow. This is life threatening. People die faster from lack of water than they do lack of food.

To give you a very real example of a famine:

Friday, President Mugabe declared a state of disaster for the country of Zimbabwe. The country has suffered its driest weather ever recorded. The rainy season came two months later than they thought. Crops have been devastated. 2.4 million people are affected. Zimbabwe has two main crops for export: tobacco and cotton. Other countries that have also been affected: South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

Joseph explains that it was not the brothers who got him to where he is now through their act of selling him into slavery. It was God’s sovereignty that put Joseph where he is now. It is God’s sovereignty for why you are where you are.

Joseph tells his brothers that he will provide land and houses and that his brothers and all of their families, and their sheep and cattle will live there. Joseph said that they would be free from poverty even though they are in a famine.  

Joseph says, in Genesis 45:5  and Genesis 45:7  that God sent him. Joseph is in Egypt at this time because God sent him. His brothers and their families will all have homes and food because God sent him. They will thrive in that land because God sent him.

Let’s go back to the questions that I asked you at the beginning.

Why do you live in the city you live in? Why do you work where you work? Why do you live in the neighborhood you live in? Why do you go to that particular hair salon or barber shop? Why do you go to that particular oil change place? Why do you eat at certain restaurants? Why do you shop at that particular grocery store?

Because God sent you.

Acts 17:26

God has created you and given you likes and dislikes, tastes and distastes, so that you can accomplish His mission for His glory.

Why do you prefer:

  • Home Depot over Lowe’s
  • Kroger more than Publix
  • BK over McDonald’s
  • Outback over Longhorn

Why do you shop at the mall or the Shoppes at River Crossing?

Why do you like certain types of cars?

Why do you like working out or superheroes?

Why do you like a certain sports team?

Because you are sent.

Deuteronomy 31:8

The Lord goes before you. Do you see it?

He has given you exactly what He wants you to have. He has equipped you to stand against the enemy and be intentional about sharing the gospel with others.

He gives you every opportunity to intentionally build relationships with others.

There are people in this city who like the same things that you like. That is your doorway to beginning a relationship on common ground.

God has even given you Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube, to use for His glory.

Use them wisely.

You are alive in this place at this time because God sent you.

He will be with you. He will not forsake you.

Do not fear.

You are sent.

Take time and ask God to open your eyes to see to where and to who you have been called.

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In Your Going



Your mission if you choose to accept it……

Those words challenge Ethan Hunt in every Mission Impossible movie to do whatever it takes to see that the mission is accomplished.

If you have ever seen the Avengers movies, a group of heroes have to die to their own agendas and join together as a team to protect the world from a very real threat. The heroes, like Ethan Hunt give themselves over to the mission.

We have a mission. Every disciple has the same mission. Jesus has tasked us with continuing His mission in  Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus said that we are to love God and love others Matthew 22:37-40

Do you see how these two verses fit together?

If you love God and love others, then you must give yourself over to the mission. The gospel compels you to go.

The passion of your mission is the glory of God. The purpose of the mission is to worship Jesus. You worship Jesus more than just singing a few songs on Sunday morning. If you worship Jesus, you will become more like Jesus. You will go where He leads you. You will be obedient to the Scriptures. You will seek to accomplish your calling, whatever it takes. You will have a burning desire to see lost people come to know Jesus.

You will become like who or what you worship. It is inevitable.

If you are not on Jesus’ mission, then you are off focus. When your focus is fixed on Jesus, you are intentional about accomplishing the mission.

In your going, you are seeking to see lost people come to know Jesus. This is why you are building relationships at your favorite restaurants, at the grocery store, at the pharmacy, at the mall, at Starbucks, in your neighborhood, at your job, and with the teachers and parents of your children’s school.

The mission cannot be separated from discipleship. You progress in sanctification, or you become more like Jesus when you teach and tell others about Jesus.

You know whether or not you are Jesus’ mission or your mission. Are you more passionate about you, your family, and what you want or are you passionate about seeing lost people come to know Jesus?

If you are not passionate about seeing lost people come to know Jesus, you have to ask yourself where you got off course or you need to examine whether or not you are truly a believer.

The people who are truly on Jesus’ mission have experienced grace. They know that they would still be lost and headed on a road, blazing a trail to destruction, if Jesus had not saved them with His amazing grace.

You are never not on a mission. You are either on Jesus’ mission or you are on your mission.

Saying yes to one mission is saying no to the other mission.

You have been called, commissioned, and equipped by your Redeemer King. He has given you gifts and talents, he has given you grace and mercy. He has given you everything you need to succeed in accomplishing the mission. You bring nothing to the table. Jesus uses us in spite of us, not because of us.

There are people that Jesus has strategically placed in your life so that you will every opportunity to reach them for His glory.

His glory is the passion behind everything we do.

It is not about you.

It is all about Jesus.

In your going, may you be everything that Jesus created you to be and may you be obedient to what He has called you to.


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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint,

I wanted to take this time to tell you that I am grateful to be your pastor. It is an honor to be able to pray for you, lead you and to preach and teach the Bible to you. I am looking forward to doing more of this in 2016.

Here are some announcements:

  • FaithPoint Men, we will be meeting for our book discussion tonight. We will meet at the Wendy’s in front of Target at 7:00. I look forward to seeing you there.
  • Tomorrow is first Wednesday. Our theme for our fellowship is Italian. We look forward to all of the tasty dishes that are going to be served tomorrow during our Wednesday gathering. We will continue the video series we are in with Andy Stanley.
  • Sunday is going to be FaithPoint Football Sunday. We are going to kick things off with a tailgate breakfast at 9:30. Wear your favorite high school, college, or NFL team swag. We will begin our service at 10:30.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Luke 10. The title of this sermon is: Your Person of Peace.

Have you ever gone to a person’s house and they acted like you were not welcome? Have you ever gone to a restaurant and the person working acted like they didn’t like their job? They didn’t want to be there and they definitely did not want to serve you?

People make or break your opinion of a store or restaurant. When you have bad service, you may or may not go back and give the restaurant another chance. If you have bad service on more than one occasion, you may just not want to go back.

Now if you go to a store or a restaurant and you have exceptional service, or you have a person that helps you with what you need – they seem to like their job, they seem happy to serve you, they make sure that they do whatever they can to ensure that you have a pleasant visit – they make you want to go back. Sometimes, you go to a store or a restaurant and the person treated you so well that you ask for that person on your next visit. A person like that is your person of peace.

Luke 9:62 – 10:12

Look at what Jesus says in Luke 9:62. You can’t plow a straight line if you are constantly looking behind you. This person is not fit for the kingdom of God. The person that constantly wants to live or think about the past or that is easily distracted is not fit for the kingdom of God. They have no focus. They can’t move forward because they are moving backwards or sideways.

This is like the saying: “Men are like trucks. the more weight you put on them, the straighter they drive.” When a person is focused on their task, goal, mission – they become intentional. They move straight. They move forward in the direction of their task, goal or mission.

Luke 10:1  Jesus sent out disciples two by two. Jesus is the one that gave the idea to Noah.

Luke 10:2  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. There are plenty of people that Jesus wants to be part of his flock but nobody wants to go out and get them. Is there anybody that wants to be obedient? Is there anyone who wants to be holy? Jesus tells them to pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers. Jesus tells his disciples to fall on their face and pray that the Lord would send out workers.

Luke 10:3  Jesus tells the disciples to pray and then he turns around and sends the disciples out on their mission. They are the answer to their own prayers.

They weren’t praying for Jesus to send someone else. They were praying for themselves to be more obedient. They were praying that they would answer the call that Jesus had given them and they would accomplish the work that they were given by Jesus.

Have you ever prayed that for yourself? If you have, you will notice that the Holy Spirit urges you and provokes you to live in righteousness. He urges you or gives you the desire to want to obey Jesus. If you haven’t – are you scared? Scared? Jesus told us to not fear anything. That was a commandment. Which means if you are scared, you are both in sin and disobedient.

Here is Jesus strategy implementation for making disciples:

Luke 10:4  Jesus removes everything that they may need. Uncomfortable? Very. He wants them to be dependent on him and him alone.

Greet no one on the road – You don’t have time to waste or engage in shallow and meaningless conversations. You must remain focused on the mission at hand.

Luke 10:5-9  You will either encounter a person of peace or you will encounter a person that is hostile.

If you encounter a hostile person, do not finish the conversation. Leave. There is no reason to try and continue a conversation with a person that is a know-it-all, a hostile person, standoffish, a person that thinks they know the Bible better than you do, a person that has so many degrees that they have no personality, or a person that is just not interested in having a conversation about Jesus or the gospel. Leave. Don’t force it. It will go nowhere.

You are looking for a person of peace. Here is how you identify a person of peace:

  • They welcome you – they invite you into their life, into their house
  • They genuinely receive you – they are glad that you are there
  • They serve you – they are hospitable
  • You intentionally invest in them, pour your life into them
  • They are a gatekeeper – they open doorways into their network of relationships

How do you find a person of peace?

  • Identify who you most would like to see come to know Jesus
  • If you feel that it is a specific group – hip hop dudes, rednecks, bikers, cosplayers and comic book people, fitness people, muscle car dudes, single moms, single people, people in jail, families with small kids, teachers – then God is clearly calling you to that group and you will find your person of peace within the context of that group

The idea is that you are not influenced or distracted by the group you are called to reach.

  • They like you and you like them
  • Jesus has molded and shaped you to best reach what person or what group of people
  • Who already responds positively to you

Luke 10:9  The kingdom of God has come near to you

God is working in and through conversations to reach them

God is calling the person to a new work

God wants them to be saved

God wants them to introduce their friends and family to you

When God is working it will be noticeable and undeniable.

You have to be a person of peace to find a person of peace.

Who is Jesus telling you is your person of peace?

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FaithPoint News

FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint,

Hope you are having a great week. I am praying that you are being impacted by our Genesis series. We do not have many weeks left in our Genesis series. I will share with you soon where we are headed.

Here are some announcements that you can plug into your calendar:

  • The FaithPoint Women’s Bible study will resume this coming Sunday afternoon
  • FaithPoint Men, we will meet at the Wendy’s in front of Target to begin our new time of book discussion. I look forward to seeing you there. Tuesday, February 2, at 7:00 pm.
  • Tomorrow, we will continue our series with Andy Stanley, Starting Over. Tomorrow will be part 2 in the 4 part series.
  • Sunday, February 7 is going to be our tailgate breakfast. It is Superbowl Sunday and our last tailgate breakfast was great fun. We want to do this again. Bring a breakfast item to share and we look forward to having a great time of food and fellowship with our FaithPoint family.

Here are sermon notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 43. This sermon is part of our Genesis series.

Have you ever been somewhere with a friend or a family member and you really felt out of place? Maybe you felt that you were underdressed or overdressed. Have you ever been in someone’s house and you felt like you couldn’t touch anything? Picture this: The more you walk around, it starts to sink in that the people here don’t exactly wear jeans and t-shirts. The furniture cost more than your car. In fact, the house cost more than six or seven of your houses.

You were kinda skeptical to even get an invite to this place that is so incredible that it just blows your mind. You have no idea how this happened.

That is the situation that Joseph’s brothers find themselves in.

Genesis 43:16-34

When you are not bent on burning bridges, getting revenge, or hurting the ones that hurt you, you can give forgiveness. Forgiveness that was given by Joseph frees Joseph from being bitter, insecure, anxious, or hateful. This forgiveness helps Joseph’s brothers experience something that they never expected. Grace.

Joseph has called for an animal to be slaughtered for lunch.

  • The animal has to be big enough to feed at least 12 people, maybe more.
  • This type of thing was reserved for special occasions, feasts and parties.
  • They are in the second year of a seven year famine.
  • Joseph spares no expense on the quality of food that he is going to have prepared for his brothers.
Revelation 19:9

There is going to be another dinner. It is going to be the most extravagant and wonderful event that has ever taken place in the history of the world.

Jesus is going to host this dinner.

If you are a saint, you are invited to this dinner.

Because you are adopted into the family of Jesus, He is breaking out the good stuff. There will not be paper plates and plastic silverware at this dinner.

The table is crafted from the finest wood. The best linen is used as the tablecloth.

You will know everyone at the table. You will not feel left out or out of place. Grace that is greater than all of your sin got you to this table.

You will see the streets of pure gold. You will see water that is so pure, it sparkles like diamonds. Think of the best food that you have ever tasted. Jesus is going to kick it up a notch. It is going to rock your world.

The best wine in the world will be served at this dinner. Jesus doesn’t serve that wine in a box crap. There are no solo cups here. You will have the best goblets ever crafted.

You get all of this for the best banquet feast in the world and you don’t even deserve to be there.

  • You have lied
  • You have lusted
  • You have devoted your heart to other idols
  • You have been disobedient to His commandments
  • You have been anxious
  • You have lived in fear
  • You have doubted
  • You have lived without guarding your heart
  • You have listened to other voices other than the voice of Jesus
  • You have ignored applying the Scriptures to your life

And you still get to go to the dinner!

Your sin and mine held Jesus to the cross. Our sin puts us in the place of holding the hammer to drive the nails in His hands and feet.

We don’t deserve to go to this banquet. We get to go.

Jesus forgave us.

Jesus poured out grace and mercy on us.

Those that have experienced His forgiveness and grace will be at that banquet table.

And it will blow your mind.

Jesus loves you and you get to sit at the same table as He does. You get to eat the same food as He does. You get to drink the same wine as He does.

His friends are your friends. You are family.

And it has nothing to do with you. Nothing you have done, gets you to that banquet table.

It is all because of who Jesus is.

It is all because of Jesus.


Pastor Jimmy


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FaithPoint News

FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint!

Hope you are having a great week. I would like to share a couple verses with you to help you to stay rooted and grounded in the Scriptures.

Colossians 2:6-7


FaithPoint Men, we are changing our time of meeting together. Beginning the first Tuesday in February, we will begin meeting at 7:00 pm. at the Wendy’s in front of Target. I look forward to having you join us.

Here are the notes from the sermon this past Sunday:


The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 42.

This is a part of our Genesis series.

Memories take a moment to create and a lifetime to forget. – Andy Mineo

Betrayal: an act of deliberate disloyalty

For betrayal to occur, it takes one person to violate a contract, trust, confidence or covenant. People betray each other for any number of reasons.

  • A spy betrays their country and it is called treason
  • A person betrays their spouse and it is called infidelity

The idea of betrayal makes a lot of money.

  • Betrayal takes place in books, movies and TV.

Regardless of the reason behind the betrayal, the person that commits the betrayal is extremely selfish.

A person is never betrayed by a stranger. A stranger can lie to you or steal from you and it doesn’t really matter because you are not relationally close to a stranger.

The closer a person is to you, the more the betrayal hurts.

The act of betrayal is the most hurtful thing a person can do to another person.

It hurts the most when the person that commits the betrayal shares your last name.

It produces moral and psychological conflict in one or both parties. Betrayal changes the terms of the relationship. It destroys trust.

That is where we left Joseph’s brothers. The last time we saw them, they sold Joseph into slavery.

Remember that they wanted to kill him first before they sold him. They would have shared the same story as Cain and Abel.

Genesis 42:1-11

Our culture says that when you are betrayed, you can’t trust anyone. You got to get yours and not worry about anyone else. How do you even have time to worry about anyone else? You are too busy doing you. When you get betrayed, our culture says to burn the bridges, cut them loose. If you listen to the voices long enough, you hear them tell you to go get them back. Revenge.  They hurt you. You have to hurt them just as bad if not worse than they hurt you.

It has been 20 years since Joseph has seen his family. His dad thinks that he is dead. His brothers have no idea what happened to him.

A famine has hit the land and necessity forces Joseph’s family to have to go to Egypt to buy food.

Notice that the other sons could have just sent their servants to go buy the food. Why didn’t they? Some tasks you just can’t delegate. Their lives and the lives of their families depend on this food.

Joseph’s brothers bow to him. – Dream answered

Joseph has every opportunity to take revenge. He knows who they are but they do not recognize him.
Genesis 42:18  Joseph says, “I fear God.”

Joseph does not take revenge on his brothers because of his fear of God. Joseph knows that he is not God. Joseph knows that revenge is not the answer. God will take care of Joseph. Enter forgiveness.

There is nothing that anyone can do to you that is worse than the acts that we did that caused Jesus to die on the cross.

Because we have been forgiven, we are to forgive those. We forgive those who have hurt us to the same degree that Jesus has forgiven us.

For the person that has been betrayed: You can forgive the one who betrayed you.

For the person that did the act of betrayal: You can ask forgiveness and be free from the guilt of the act that you committed.

There is grace here.


Pastor Jimmy

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One Word 2016

0568aaad-08f5-4552-ac63-5973503fe891If you had one word that you wanted to describe what you wanted to get out of 2016, what would it be?

For the past few years, I have started the first week in January, with writing about a word that I wanted to define the year ahead. Some years have been better than others.

This is not a pie in the sky kind of thought process. This is more of a goal that I want to meet. See, the word that I use to describe my year is for me a goal in growing my character. The word describes an aspect of my life that will help me become more of the man that I believe God has designed me to become.

This year my word is:


I believe that there are a lot of people that are living their lives without focus or direction. They live without purpose. A life apart from focus and purpose is a wasted life.

I don’t want to live a wasted life.

I want everything that I do to be done on purpose for a purpose.

Another way of saying this is: I want everything I do to fit into God’s overall purpose for my life.

Wasting time is easy. Intentional living takes work.

Living on purpose takes work because it is far too easy to live distracted. Life has a way of throwing knuckle balls at you that are meant to knock you off of your game. It takes determination and focus to not let things sidetrack you.

You are more likely to live out your purpose when you are listening to the voice of your Shepherd. When you listen to the voice of your Shepherd, you follow Him in obedience. Your obedience shows you that you have purpose in every area of your life.

If you want to live an intentional life, you have to be disciplined.

Plan moments in areas that you want to be intentional.

  • You have to be intentional with your personal growth.
  • You have to be intentional with your health.
  • You have to be intentional with your spiritual growth.
  • You have to be intentional with your kids. You need to spend time with them individually and together.
  • You have to be intentional with your spouse. We will talk more about this one later.
  • You have to be intentional if you want to get out of debt.
  • You have to be intentional to make disciples.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you have to be intentional in working towards that goal.

Distracted people let life happen to them instead of making things happen. Distracted people wonder and wander. Distracted people fear change. Distracted people miss opportunities.

Every day is another opportunity to make a difference. There are 358 days left in this year. That is 358 chances to make a difference in your life, your spouse’s life, your kids’ lives or the life of someone else.

If you want to make a difference, you have to be intentional.

Be Intentional.

Live on Purpose.

Don’t Waste Your Life.


What is your One Word for 2016?


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